Antimicro sticker, 60x50cm, 5p

Sterifold Antimicrobial Stickers, Door (600x500mm)
Repositionnable adhesive and transparent sterifilm stickers helps to fight against microbial transmissionare. By applying the Sterifilm antimicrobial stickers you can considerably slow the spread of hand transmitted diseases. 

Produced i antimicrobial material that destroys 99,99% of all bacteria within 2H. Avoids cross-contamination if touched by more than one person.

To be used anwyhere the risk of bacteria and virus transmission is very high: hospitals, public buildings, retail stores, malls, supermarkets, schools, cinemas, restaurants, bars, etc.

Comes in four sizes and can be used at:
Door handles, light switches, window handles, door handles, elevator buttons, telephones, copy machines, touch-screens, etc

Additional information:
Antimicrobial products manufactured by TARIFOLD® include AgION®, an antimicrobial silver ion additive. It is a natural antimicrobial agent that destroys microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi. Silver ions are released whenever a microorganism is deposited on the surface of the product.

With the AgION® silver ions included in our products, cross contamination is avoided. Within 2 hours, 99.99 % of microorganisms are destroyed (tests results available on request). The AgION® technology has proven antimicrobial efficacy against Covid-19 and is certified EPA and FDA for the USA. It also conforms to the European directive on biocidal products 98/88/EC.

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