Grippie Green 55x65mm UT


  • 40 x 60 mm inside dimensions

  • Round hole for hanging

  • 50 micron

  • 100 bags/bundle

  • 1000 bags/packaging

  • Food grade material



GRIPPIE Green made from I'm green ™ Polyethylene - what is it?

Polyethylene is conventionally manufactured from fossil raw materials such as oil or natural gas and they are usually found in everyday products such as food packaging, cosmetics, beverage containers and plastic bags and our GRIPPIE zipper bags of course.

Green plastic, better known as I'm green ™ Polyethylene, is plastic made from a durable raw material, where bioethanol is extracted from Brazilian sugar cane and then used to create polyethylene for the production of green plastic. I'm green ™ Polyethylene has the same characteristics as conventional polyethylene made from fossil raw materials in terms of application, performance and especially recyclability.

Brazil is the world's largest producer of sugar cane. The Brazilian company Braskem receives sugar cane from various suppliers and then begins a dehydration process in which bioethanol is extracted from the sugar canals. Afterwards I'm green Polyethylene is being produced. This sugar cane plastic is then delivered to other companies and manufacturers who transform it into green plastic products, including our zipper bag supplier.

In this way, 100% recyclable plastic products have been created with a significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional plastic products. This is also a much more sustainable way of producing and using plastic.


The difference between using ethanol and using fossil raw materials

Sugarcane captures carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere in its annual growth cycle. This means that the production of I'm green ™ Polyethylene helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional polyethylene made from fossil raw materials such as oil or natural gas.


Green polyethylene - is it biodegradable and can it be used in compost?

No, it is not biodegradable, and it cannot be used in the compost, but it is 100% recyclable. Like conventional plastic manufacturing, I'm green ™ Polyethylene is a recyclable material and can actually be reused through the same conventional recycling processes thanks to the processes used today. Because I'm green ™ Polyethylene is not biodegradable, the CO2 captured during the sugarcane growth cycle remains isolated throughout the plastic life cycle!

For those who want to make climate smart choices - GRIPPIE Green!


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INNER 7392265542177
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