For Retailers

We target retailers in the Nordic countries, both if you drive commerce towards consumers or companies. Our current retailers are officedealers, department stores, tech dealers, supermarkets, bookstores, online stores or other stores that deals with office supplies. We offer you a wide range of over 3,000 products in eight product categories for every retailer that works with home offices, workplaces, schools and education or packaging accessories for warehouse and logistic.

About half of our range are products of famous brands, which we in most cases are the exclusive distributors of our main market. Our ambition is to work with the leading brands in its segment to offer our retailers a well known brand with strong igenkännade of your customers. We are actively marketing our brands both in the form of in-store materials and campaigns as well as active marketing to the end consumer.

We also own several brands that we distribute on our main market, for our own brands offer a wide range of basic products for school, home office or workplace. We want to make purchasing and logistics easy for you! Therefore, we stock almost our entire range in our main warehouse in Arlöv, we provide timely deliveries and reasonable conditions to be able to keep your stock as optimized as possible.

Contact our customer service or fill out the reseller application on our website to establish an account with us

For Brandowners and Manufacturers

We offer brand owners a wide distribution network in the Nordic region and a long-term distribution partner working with active brand management and marketing at all appropriate sales channels. We supply to approximately 1,500 resellers in the Nordic market in the segment of specialist dealer, Office for Trade in Goods, Department Stores and E-commerce. Our dealers are both in B2C and B2B.

Our strategy is to work with exclusive distribution agreements of international brands and combine this an attractive product range with our wide range of our own brands. We see ourselves as a stable and long-term distribution partner with an active channel management and marketing of your varumäre. We have a vast experience in brand management and marketing both the retailers and the consumers. We believe in the personal presence and that business is done between people, therefore we have a large sales organization with both field sales and inside sales that ensure local presence in our main market.

From our warehouse in Arlöv we reach our deliveries throughout our main market normally within three days. For most of our retailers, we can offer delivery day after the purchase order. We have a modern business and logistics system which ensures our resellers and us a high level of quality and service to our work.

Do you want to b.n.t distribute and market your products, you are welcome to contact us !.

For Consumers

Are you a consumer that have questions about our products or trademarks, please contact our customer services team, who will answer all your questions. But since we do not sell products directly to end users, you as a consumer are not able to become established as one of our customers, but we will be happy to find a nearby store, department store or Internet shopping among our 1,500 resellers in the Nordic region.

Our History

 We have since 1986 over 30 years experience in distribution and trading of office supplies in the Nordic market.

1986 The bankrupt estate of Börge HM Nilsson AB is acquired and restructured the sales.

1987 The company changed its name to New Börge HM Nilsson AB and writes our first agency agreement.

1988 What a start, our neighbor has a fire and our entire stock gets damaged. We start looking for new premises!

1989 The company changed its name to BN Svenska AB and the new premises will be inaugurated.

1991 We start working with electical products from Broher and SHARP

1994 B.N.T becomes distributor for Texas Instruments in Sweden, one of our main brands still today.

1997 Our new wharehouse of 1000M2 on Företagsvägen 30 is opened.

1999 Our first own brand BN Line is launched witch is the starting point for our brand BNT/Office.

2003 We aquire Tenzab in Örebro, starting point of our category Packaging & Shipping.

2004 We start export to Denmark and Norway and our name is changed to B.N.T Scandinavia AB.

2008 We become the distributors of STABILO & Folia through an aqusition.

2009 Moving to our current premises with 5000 M2 wharehouse, where we handle over 3.500 shipments per month.

2012 We start our new product strategy with fewer categories and more focused marketing.

2013 We increase our cooperation with Texas Instruments towards full Scandinavia and we become distributor for Fellowes.

2014 B.N.T becomes distributor for Filofax and Letts and are expected to turnover 120.000.000 SEK.

2017 Together with Sem & Stenersen AS we form our norwegian subsidiary b.n.t Scandinavia AS and double our presence in Norway.


B.N.T is a private company, founded in 1986
Main market is Nordic
Turnover, approx. 185 MSEK 2017
Employees, 30 
About 3.000 products in 8 categories

We are awarded the highest credit rating AAA with Soliditet and Gold with UC
Members of KEPA Sweden and KONPA, Denmark
Connected towards REPA, FTI & Elkretsen for sustainable handeling.


b.n.t Scandinavia ab. Företagsvägen 14 Box 3, 232 21 Arlöv Sweden
Tel: +46 40 53 84 00 Fax: +46 40 53 84 01